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Orkney Movie Group is an amateur film making group which is based in Orkney and was established in the autumn of 2005.

Our Aims:

Orkney Movie Group aims to create films of all varieties of genres (from fictional pieces to Documentaries). We also want to foster the advancement of film making in Orkney and to further the knowledge and technique of film making amongst the people of Orkney.
After working hard on our projects, there is nothing better than seeing our work on the cinema screen, and having it viewed by the public.



Orkney Movie Group was formed in Spring 2005. But, we didn’t become an authentic Club until November 2005. The Group was formed by club members Paul Kenyon, Marshall Dean and Peter Drummond. It was formed after these members completed a 10 week film making course, titled ‘An Introduction to Short Film Making’. This course was run by Orkney College, but was held at thePickaquoy Centreand taken by two film students; Martin Glegg and David Corrigall. During the course the film Communication Breakdown was created, along with a documentary called Messages.


Commitee Members:

Victoria Rhodes (Chairperson) Joined in March 2006. Producer, Camera Operator and Special Effects make-up.
Paul Kenyon (Treasurer) Founding Member. Director, Producer, Editor and Camera Operator. Writer of Screenplays. Paul has been creating films since 1981, and won the 'John Player Special Trophy' for the Midlands in 1984 With 'Stranger from the Past'.
Peter Drummond (Secretary) Founding Member. Camera Operator, Lighting & sound Technician.
Non Commitee Members:
Ken Hambly Joined the group in 2008.
Shona Firth Joined the group in 2009.
Ruth Spence Joined the Group in 2008.
Fiona Matheson Joined the group in 2008.
Paul Rendall Joined the group in 2010.
Gary Donohoe Joined the group in 2010.
Paul Dawon Joined the group in 2009.
Marshall Dean (Previous secretary) No longer resident in Orkney. Founding Member. Writer, Director, Producer and Editor. Marshall has been responsible for producing and writing many of the OMG productions

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