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Sept 2010

Work beings on Skeletron

A new sci-fi project written by Paul Rendall, a new Recruit to OMG, is currently being planned for filming later in the year or early next year. Skeletron is based on a super hero theme. The main character, Lazarus is a scientist working on the Skeletron project, the purpose of which is to create a super-soldier for the government.

The project is in the early planning stages of production.


Cromarty Hall Film Night

On 22nd August Orkney Movie Group held a film night at the Cromarty Hall in St Margaret's Hope, South Ronaldsay. Click here to see the details on the events page.

July 2010

A Life at The Forge

Our main project this year has been the creation of a documentary film about Willie Mowatt, a blacksmith from South Ronaldsay. The 'Smiddy' was built by his great grandfather in 1862 and Willie comes from a long line of blacksmiths that have worked there ever since.
The project was conceived in the autumn of last year and filming took place during the spring of this year. The film was finally completed in July and can be purchased from local outlets or group members. (See A Life at the Forge on the projects page).


OMG Film Talented Orkney

The final of this years Orkney Variety Competition was held at the main arena of the Pickaquoy Centre, Kirkwall. Before an audience of 1200 people. Nine amateur acts competed supported by 3 Orkney based recorded groups of musicians. Organised by Karen Scott of Cancer Link Aberdeen (CLAN) also Brian and Val Flett from Caring for Children with Cancer (CLIC Sargent) the event raised money for the above mentioned  charities.

Members of the OMG manned cameras to film the event, those that took part where; Ruth Spence, Shona Firth, Paul Rendall, Hannah & Peter Drummond.

DVD's of the event are currently available from the CLAN shop at 30, Victoria Street, Kirkwall. 01856 873393.

More details on the projects page.


Orkney Movie Group Prmiere 2010

The Orkney movie group premiere of the latest films was held at New Phoenix Cinema at the Pickaqouy Centre on Saturday 20th February.

All the latest films produced by the movie group since 2007 where shown and a report of the event can be seen on our events page. Click here for premier report.



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