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completed autumn 2005

Trepidation is the second film by Orkney Movie Group. It is the result of the Group’s dedication to the creation of films beyond the ‘Introduction to Short Film Making’ course, and ‘Communication Breakdown’ film.

While three boys drink beer on a shale beach, Tom, the leader of the trio, spots a woman limping along the shale picking up discarded objects to recycle. Tom leads a verbal assault upon the woman, only to be gobsmacked by the promise of a curse - to live their worst fears. The boys treat this threat as fiction. But could it be true?


Produced by: Marshall Dean & Paul Kenyon,
Director & Scriptwriter: Marshall Dean, Director of Cinematography: Paul Kenyon, Camera Engineer: Peter Drummond, Assistant Director: Keith Wright,
Sound Effects & Music: Kenny Swinney.

Denise Wright, Michael Cromarty, Peter Tait & Joe Casey

Run Time: 15 Mins Approx.  

Not appropriate for persons under 12 years of age.


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