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When Graham Worrall, of the Pickaquoy Centre, approached us on manning the cameras on Children In Need Night 2006, we jumped at the chance. And after the enjoyment of Magfest, the group was looking forward to another tough, and challenging evening.


It was a very good evening for Children In Need as over £19,000 was raised in Orkney alone. But it was also a very good night experience-wise for the group as we filmed the Presenting, Musicians, Comedians and Magicians. We have to give a very big thank you to Dylan De Silva and Danny Rendall for coming to our aid and being cable carriers on the night. Thanks Boys!

Overall, there were a few mistakes made on the night, and a couple of things in the build-up - the Internet link crashing after only 70 people accessed it - that did not work as they were meant to, but the majority of things went smoothly, and the 'Children In Need Night 2006' was a complete success.


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