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On the 14th January 2008 the Orkney Community Safety Partnership held a Press Night for the film Hometime in the Orkney College Lecture Theatre. The film was showed to an invited Orkney public, to give them a first look at what the Partnership - produced by OMG - had created to improve children's awareness of the Orkney roads in Winter. The journey of this film started in February 2007 and ended in January 2008, nearly of full year of preparation, writing, casting, filming, editing and adjusting.

The crowd builds in anticipation for the first public
showing of Hometime.
Marshall taking a call while holding a pile of Hometime
DVDs that were to be given out to Cast & Crew.
Victoria's work is never done as she doubles as a member of the group and a reporter for the Orkney Today. Peter through the looking glass.
Jim Henderson and Jack Rendall in one of the many groups, dotted about, talking about the film. Jean Hargreaves, Victoria Olsen, Andrew Drever and
Izzy Whitford converse about a successful evening.
The refreshment area, full of people after the showing. With the refreshment area being that fulll, the Lecture Theatre quickly became empty.

The viewing of Hometime was a real success. Not only was it positively received, but it was also announced that the film was not just to be used for Orkney children, it now would be distributed around all the Community Safety Groups in Scotland. The viewing for OMG was a success in a number of ways; 1. it was great to see one of our films received so warmly; 2. with one event our name was put out in the papers, on the radio and passed around from mouth to mouth as the creators of a successful safety film; and 3. we got to pass Hometime over to the OCSG as complete and we can now press on with our next project.
A report was showed on STV North news (15/01/08) regarding Hometime, it was a shame OMG wasn't mentioned, but at least the film is getting the credit it deserves.


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