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Micro-Trip was a full-length presentation made up of ten short films. The films were, Green & Stone, Communication Breakdown, Picture House Gazetteer, Dummies, Seven Shades, Out of this World, Photograph, American Dog, Trepidation and The Bilbster Adventure. The presentation was created by Darren Manson of 'Cinema for Thurso' with films from Orkney Movie Group, Sypeland Tib and Cinema for Thurso.
All proceeds were to be given to a charity, and 'Children in Need' was chosen. It was a shame that when Micro-Trip was publicised in the local press no reports contained the charity part. Not a good start.
It was cold and wet on the Saturday of Micro-Trip. Even though the weather wasn't great we still hoped for a good turnout. The more people present, the more we would make for 'Children in Need'.
Marshall Dean mans the table containing the programmes, Micro-Trip merchandise and voting forms. The voting forms were created so the public could vote, out of 10, on each film shown.
A couple of the boys from Thurso await the start of the presentation. Susan, Paul Kenyon's daughter, waits for her father to finish taking photographs.

The three men behind Micro-Trip.

Darren Manson (right) of 'Cinema for Thurso', Paul Kenyon (centre) of 'Sypeland Tib' and 'Orkney Movie Group' & Marshall Dean (left) of 'Orkney Movie Group'.

Overall, Mico-Trip in Orkney was a failure. Not only did we fail to get many members of public through the door, we also made very little money for charity. We had in total eleven people in the cinema, and only two of them were members of the public.
We now know early Saturdays are no good to hold presentations on the cinema. But, maybe if the press reports had contained information regarding moneys being given to charity we might have had more people through the door. At least the two members of public enjoyed it.
Let's hope the Micro-Trip showing in Thurso is much more of a success.
Below is the poster for Micro-Trip which was posted in a number of shops around Orkney.


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