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The Orkney movie group premiere of the latest films to date took place at the New Phoenix Cinema at the Pickaqouy Centre on Saturday 20th February 2010.

The films shown included:


On the way home from school a boy must decide whether to Stop, Look and Listen, or live the consequences.

Hometime was an educational film created with a collection of funding from the Orkney Islands Council, SACRO, Highlands and Islands Fire and Rescue Service, Northern Constabulary, NHS Orkney, British Red Cross, Orkney Coaches and The Local Road Safety promotion Group.

It was produced in conjunction with Orkney Islands Council to promote safety awareness in school children on thier way home from school. The film has been shown in schools around Scotland.

Dark Legends:

A mocumentary/comedy based upon the lives of extraordinary fictional beings and how they manage to interact with the rest of society. Most of them are well known but what they have to say might not exactly be what we expect of them. Filmed partly at Skaill House and also at the Kirkwall Grammar School.

Life on a Small Island:

Made for the North Ronaldsay Trust, this film documents the lives of people who live on North Ronaldsay. The film was created to provide visitors with a broad overview of life on a small island. It's intention was also to be part of an educational pack to be used in a ‘story box’ to be sent to schools to tell children what its like to be a child on North Ronaldsay. The film was made under the direction of Campbell & Co.

Fun-e-ral: (are you ready to Rot 'n' Roll)

A Mindscape Films production of a film by Sypeland Tib. Mindscape Films is an independent film making group created by Paul Kenyon; one of the members of the movie group, and Gary Cain, a Sypeland Tib associate. The film takes a dark humoured view of the subject of death and puts the 'Fun' back into funeral as a singing duo put on a show to ensure a more entertaining passage into the next life.


Robert regains consciousness locked in a prison cell. He has no memories of how he got there, nor why. But something just isn’t right, and the guard is not responding to his questioning. Will he find answers? Can he escape?

A prison style drama with a take on the late sixties TV series (The Prisoner).

Primarily filmed in the old Kirkwall Police Station Prison Cells.


Pics taken on the Night
OMG Premiere article from Orkney Today
Article from the Orkney Today Newspaper published 25th Feb 2010.

We had about 30 people through the door, which was a little dissapointing, a lot of them were members of the public. However they did seem to enjoy the films and we got a positive response from most of the audience.

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