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A Life at the Forge DVD Cover

Created by Willie Mowatt's Great Grandfather in 1862, the 'Smiddy' in South Ronaldsay, Okney has been worked by the Mowatt family ever since.
Willie has spent his entire life working the forge and is the last in the line of traditional blacksmiths to do so.
Now at the age of 85 and in his witty and charming way, Willie talks about the origins of the 'Smiddy' and his memories of a life at the forge.


William Mowatt (MBE), Derro Gilmour (Willie's apprentice)

Produced, Directed & Edited by:
Paul J Kenyon

Victoria Rhodes, Paul Kenyon, Shona Firth

'Twankydillo' The Blacksmiths Tune
Recorded and performed by Bob Pegg

Sound Recording:
Peter Drummond:

Crew Members:
Ruth Spence, Ken Hambly


Run Time: 25mins


William Mowatt (Blacksmith)

A Life at the Forge was originally conceived for an entry into a short documentary competition called 'Bridging the Gap' which took place earlier this year (2010).
Unfortunately our idea was not selected by the competition organisers but we still felt the film to be a worth while project and so decided to complete it anyway.
The original competition entry would have been 10 minutes long, the completed film stands at 25 minutes and we believe the original 10 minute cut would not have given it justice. Willie's wit and story telling holds the viewer captive from begining to end.

Willie Mowatt (Blacksmith)


Film currently available for purchase from group members and at Grooves Record Shop, Albert St, Kirkwall,

or at Willie's Smiddy in South Ronaldsay.

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