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On 22nd August Orkney Movie Group held a film night at the Cromarty Hall in St Margaret's Hope, South Ronaldsay. There was a good turnout on the night with an audience of around 60.

Several members of the movie group went along on the night, these included, Peter Drummond, his wife and daughter, Ken Hambly and Paul Kenyon and his daughter. Paul Kenyon operated the video projector from the balcony at the back of the hall.

The films shown comprised of projects spanning the entire history of the Movie Group and comprised mostly of subjects that were of local interest .
The evening started with Messages; a documentary following Jimmy Doull and his mobile shop which was filmed in South Ronaldsay. The film was originally created by Peter Drummond, Angela Taylor, Keith Hague, Johnathan Crabb and Frank Bradford during a film making course held at the Pickaqouy Centre in 2005.
The second film was Dark Legends, a mocumentary filmed by the group in 2007 which features extraordinary beings, known to the world as legends, and how they manage to interact with the rest of society. This was followed by Life on a Small Island filmed in North Ronaldsay in 2008.
Next was Takin’ in the Stooks, a short film documenting the practice of collecting the ‘Stooks’ and building stacks in a traditional manner. It featured Tom Lennie and his brother John at Lerquoy in Orphir and was shot by Paul Kenyon in 2001.
After a short interval the next film on the list was ‘The Liddle Burnt Mound’: A look at the Bronze Age mound found next to South Ronaldsay's Tomb of the Eagles. It was produced by Paul Kenyon with help from Marshall Dean and was created to be shown at the Tomb of the Eagles visitors centre in the parish. It features Ronald Simison talking about the Bronze Age mound and speculating on it’s possible use.
The OMG film Pris-Tech was next on the list, our sci-fi drama shot in the old police station in Kirkwall in 2008.
The final film of the night was the recently completed ‘A Life at the Forge’. The film went down well and created a few laughs amongst the audience, many of whom know Willie Mowatt, the subject of the film.
All in all it was a good night with a very good reaction from the audience.

A selection of stills taken from the films shown on the night
Jimmy Doul's van- Messages Dark Legends - Dracular Life on a Small Island
Messages - Jimmy Doull's van
Dracular - Dark Legends
Billy Muir - Life on a Small Island
Tommy Lennie - Takin' in the Stooks Ronald Simison - The Liddle Burnt Mound Pris-Tech
Tommy Lennie - Takin' in the Stooks
Ronald Simison - The Liddle Burnt Mound
Scene from Pris-Tech
Willie Mowatt - Life at the Forge
Willie Mowatt - A Life at the Forge


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